Chemistry Faculty Receive Research Grants

Prof. Greg Cook

Dr. Gregory Cook, Chair and Professor of organic chemistry has received a $420,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. This three-year grant will support research in organic chemistry. Cook will develop new synthetic methods for the preparation of small molecule building blocks for new pharmaceuticals and new materials. Specifically he is investigating new catalysts to control chemical reactions that are environmentally friendly. The development of green methods for the synthesis of organic molecules will have long lasting impacts on the growth of safe and clean chemical technologies.

Prof. Guodong Liu

Dr. Guodong Liu, Assistant Professor of analytical chemistry has been awarded $340,000 from the National Institutes of Health. This two-year project aims to develop a hand-held monitor for detecting cancer biomarkers. The technology utilizes nanoparticles for electrochemical rapid detection of biological molecules that are produced in blood when a patient has cancer. Rapid and facile detection of cancer at an early stage is crucial for long term prognosis of patients.