Half of Americans don’t understand what a year is

• US mathematics and science K-12 education ranks 48th worldwide.
• 49% of U.S. adults don’t know how long it takes for the Earth to circle the sun.
• China has replaced the United States as the world’s top high-technology exporter.

Grim statistics from a new report on science education in the U.S. We are no where near number 1 and we are slipping. Science and mathematics literacy is also directly correlated with economic growth. As the linked article states, if the U.S. education matched that of Finland, the U.S. economy would grow 9-16%.

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2 Responses to Half of Americans don’t understand what a year is

  1. Merriam-Webster says:

    100 percent of this blog’s writers don’t understand how to properly use an apostraphe.
    Or why it is unnecessary to capitalize year, as it is not a proper noun.

    Ironic, given the topic, no?

  2. DrCookNDSU says:

    Yes. Thank you Merriam. I really should slow down and read what I post. Of course my post is about science literacy, not English grammar.

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